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Avaya Partner ACS

Avaya Partner ACS

The Avaya Partner ACS Phone System is an elite communications platform from Avaya (formerly AT&T and Lucent). It is an exceptionally robust, scalable, and reliable environment that supports up to five phone lines and nine partner phones out of the box. The integrity of the vendor and the quality of the system are underscored by the fact that Avaya has been recognized by J.D. Power and Associates for “An Outstanding Customer Service Experience” for four consecutive years. Moreover, Avaya’s embedded solutions are installed at more than 90 percent of the Fortune 500, have 175 built-in features, and have sold more than 1.3 systems since 1997. Avaya discontinued it production of the Partner ACS system on June 14 2010, but the Avaya Partner ACS is still one of the most popular small business phone system in the world. Avaya has since allowed integration of the Avaya ACS Partner system phone with the Avaya IP Office platform which allows you to upgrade seamlessly from the Partner ACS to the latest flag ship product from Avaya.

The Partner ACS has a capacity of 14 total lines, 33 extensions/phones, and support for as many as six concurrent users through its Partner Messaging voicemail facility.

It offers a wide array of sophisticated capabilities usually associated with larger systems, including

  • Call Forwarding/Call Follow Me Allows you to forward all intercom, transferred, and outside calls to another system extension.
  • Group Calling Accommodates group calling and notifications between all extensions in a single calling group.
  • Line Access Restriction Specific lines can be restricted from receiving or making calls, in order to avoid misuse or abuse.
  • Direct Extension Dialing (DXD) Allows clients to connect directly to the appropriate party immediately, minimizing the number of missed calls from customers.
  • Record-A-Call Permits active conversations to be recorded to your voice mailbox, keeping a record of important phone transactions. Record an active conversation in your voice mailbox. Keeps a recording of important conversations for future reference.
  • Remote Administration All Partner ACS systems can be configured and maintained from a remote location using two Partner Remote Access Units (RAUs).
  • Group Call Distribution Assign outside lines to ring directly to specific call groups instead of to the receptionist. This feature greatly speeds all aspects of call handling.
  • Call Park This advanced feature allows users to put a party on hold and resume the conversation from any phone in the environment.
  • Background Music Provides background music at the touch of a button via the speaker of an idle system phone.
  • SMDR/SMDI Support – SMDR creates call records with actual talk time for call accounting purposes; SMDI enables third-party software application integration.

Neteam Solution Business Installation

Additionally, The Avaya Partner ACS supports Analog T1, T1 DID, and SIP trunks, thereby allowing great flexibility for the installation. Accessories (fax machines, credit card readers, single-line phones) can be seamlessly integrated into the environment. In truth, the litany of features the Partner ACS environment supports is too extensive for listing here. And suffice to say that its technical capabilities are those one would expect from a mature product line with a direct heritage to AT&T and Lucent.

For a small business that wishes to achieve enhanced business value and create competitive advantage, the Avaya Partner ACS is a prudent and risk-free choice. As the most popular small business traditional PBX solution in the world, it has an enviable track record for reliability, outstanding customer service, and ongoing technical innovation. It is, simply put, a phone solution you cannot go wrong with.

Neteam has been performing Partner ACS installations for more than a decade, and all technicians involved in the endeavor are Avaya-certified. We can help your organization accomplish the most appropriate installation for your specific business requirements, and assure that all the communications parameters your company needs are duly met or exceeded.

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