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Server Room Design and Implementation

Server Room Design and Implementation

How well your server area is designed, configured, and implemented strikes directly to the heart of your business. A well-conceived physical server room will simplify and enhance your ability to meet your company’s online data processing and communications requirements. Conversely, a poorly implemented server room will invariably become the bane of your professional existence. Neteam is an established provider of server room assessments, physical designs, maintenance, and implementations. Our team of implementation technicians adheres to industry standards and specifications from start to finish, and validates every process and procedure at every step. The end result will be a high availability, logistically serviceable, and stubbornly reliable physical environment.

Server Room Configuration

When performing a server room configuration, Neteam adheres to TIA/EIA specifications whenever possible. During the evaluation, we prepare a formal assessment that typically covers the following structural and performance area of the server space:

  • Environmental monitoring and control systems;
  • Physical space;
  • Primary power supply and power distribution;
  • Secondary power distribution;
  • Structured cabling;
  • Wireless access points;
  • Server racks;
  • Electrical wiring;
  • UPS installations;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Fire detection and protection systems.

After Your Configuration

After the assessment of your server room is performed, our technicians’ conclusions will be reflected in a formal assessment document. It covers the following areas:

  • Adherence to industry standards and best practices for each inspection point;
  • Detailed descriptions of the assessment’s findings;
  • A listing of compliance with the industry standards and practices for each area, when applicable;
  • General risks to business continuity (low, moderate, or high);
  • Neteam technicians’ suggestions and justifications regarding areas that do not meet either industry standards or perceived client needs.

Ultimately, Neteam’s objectives when implementing a server space encompass these four general areas:

  • Energy optimization:
    Ensuring your company uses no more electrical resources than necessary.
  • Appropriate size for the job:
    Determining the most efficient deployment of physical equipment and components can save an IT infrastructure more than 20 percent annually.
  • Anticipating future requirements:
    The solutions we recommend always account for scalability and modularity in the infrastructure. We detail how the infrastructure is upgradeable, and which steps your company can take to efficiently migrate to and incorporate new technologies as they emerge.
  • Accommodating your budget:
    Our recommendations are sensitive to your bottom line, and we will provide guidance on how to achieve best results within your financial boundaries.

Our professional services team can help you define, address, and implement the most satisfactory physical infrastructure with the lowest possible overhead and maintenance. Contact a Neteam representative to discuss your options for a server room upgrade.

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