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Managed Services – Total Care

At Neteam Solutions, we know that a solid foundation is the key to building a successful business.  And when it comes to IT, we build this foundation on four delivery areas, or as we call them, The Four Pillars:

Neteam is a IT MSP Provder in NYC and Long Island

Network Administration

Network Administration is our proactive approach to managing your network and standardizing how each component is configured based on industry best practices. We call this set of standards ‘The Neteam Way’. The Neteam Way is a composition of over 30 configurations specific to a modern business network, each with a detailed outline defining its implementation. For example, Backup Systems and Disaster Recovery: this configuration consists of few hundred rules and guidelines ranging from what data needs to be backed up and how long it should be retained to the specific, line by line details of the software installation in a particular environment.

Managed Services Total Care

Every month we spend one day onsite reviewing your current setup and cross referencing it against these ideal configurations, making adjustments and aligning your network to the Neteam Way. The discipline put into this practice is what makes it effective; over time your network approaches our ideal configuration.

In addition to aligning your network to the Neteam Way, we we use this monthly visit to test and harden your environment. To continue with the example of Backup Systems, we frequently simulate a disaster in a test environment, allowing us to test and document the most effective method to restore your systems. We don’t like surprises and want to make sure that we have a defined process if something like this should happen.

Other examples of configurations in The Neteam Way are: Firewall & Network Security, Server Maintenance, Desktop Maintenance, Remote Access Procedures, Email configuration, File Security and Data Access, Mobile Device procedures, Documentation, etc.

Technology Consulting (vCIO)

Technology Consulting is generally a monthly call with one of your decision makers to discuss your business, its direction, and the role technology plays along the way. We use this meeting to present an executive summary of your network environment: percentage of compliance with The Neteam Way, potential risks, infrastructure assessment, and recommendations. This is a great time to discuss the direction of your business, set budgets, discuss potential projects and future plans from a technology standpoint.

The vCIO and the Network Admin work hand in hand to present the data for these monthly meetings.

Central Administration

Central Administration is our method of streamlining patch management, desktop optimization, Antivirus, and monitoring of critical services and server components. This is a proprietary set of tools we deploy on every desktop and server giving us a real-time view of the network’s current state, alerting us of any potential problems. These tools are integrated into our ticketing system: when an alarm is triggered, a ticket gets created and sent to dispatch for triage and assignment.

We use this toolset to perform monthly updates on desktops, not only for Windows & Mac operating systems, but also for individual applications, and browser extensions. Some examples are Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Adobe Acrobat, Flash, Java, etc. We setup a monthly maintenance window to perform these updates when your users will be least affected (For example Sunday morning at 3am). This practice keeps your desktops and servers patched, updated, and running optimally.

The components of the Central Administration toolset allow us to include Antivirus and offsite backups at no additional cost. We also use these tools to run desktop optimization tasks, improving and maintaining performance levels; keeping machines running as they did the day they were installed.

Help Desk and Reactive Support

Included in Managed Services is unlimited onsite and remote support. This is the day-to-day end-user assistance with how-to questions and general desktop support issues that every IT department handles. We believe we do this better than other IT companies because our support is buttressed by the other three delivery areas. Through our disciplined standardization process, The Neteam Way, all of our Managed Services customer’s networks are configured using the same guidelines, so regardless of the technician assigned to a ticket, they already have a very good understanding of how to resolve an issue. Not only are network configurations standardized, but through rigorous documentation protocols, each customer’s specific information is organized and readily available, making finding pertinent information efficient and direct.

Once implemented, The Four Pillars of The Neteam Way ensure that you can focus on running and building your business, knowing that you have a stable technology infrastructure. With Managed Services – Total Care, everything is covered under the contract.  And we include Vendor Management, AV Software, Desktop Backups and Maintenance tools.

Neteam provides Managed Services to Tri-state businesses, the five boroughs (Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island) New Jersey, Long Island and Connecticut.

Managed Services Total Care

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Neteam Solutions Inc. services the New York City Metro Area as well as Nassau County, parts of Yonkers, Whiteplains, and North Eastern New Jersey. Our remote support services are available to all companies nationwide.


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