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Cloud Services

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a powerful and broadly configurable computing model that is characterized by a substantial reduction in operating costs, high-availability access to critical network data and resources, and a transparent user experience.  In New York City, floor space is a premium, so many businesses find it beneficial to move their IT infrastructure to the Cloud.

Increased Storage Capacity

Because of distributed storage employed by Cloud systems, organizations can have virtually unlimited capacity.

Data Access from Anywhere

Employees can securely access company resources anytime, anywhere.

Standards Compliance

Neteam ensures that your Cloud infrastructure is maintained in accordance with standards-based security mandates like PCI-DSS, HIPPA, and FINRA.

Reduced Costs

Cloud technology is paid incrementally, thereby saving organizations money in both the long- and short-term.

Is Your Business On The Cloud?

A Cloud-based platform adjusts dynamically for the resources required for a given application. This elasticity effectively removes the maintenance overhead of a physical IT infrastructure. Moving to the Cloud, in short, can be nothing short of a windfall for a company’s IT operations overhead.

In order to fully exploit the unsurpassed flexibility of a Cloud infrastructure, Neteam recommends employing a Cloud-based office solution like G Suite by Google Cloud, or Office 365 from Microsoft. We work with you to understand your business needs and personal preferences, making an informed recommendation to the ideal solution.

Neteam’s certified engineers have deployed hundreds of environments to the Cloud.  By following our proven and tested process, our team will ensure a successful transition.  Our fully customizable approach guarantees a seamless migration.

Testing and Evaluation

Neteam builds a test Cloud environment to allow your staff to evaluate it and build the business case.

Due Diligence & Strategy

A Neteam Account Manager will review your business’s current and future needs, defining the performance and functionality your environment requires. At the conclusion of this phase, our engineers create a detailed roadmap to Cloud migration.

Managing the Transition

Our engineers handle all aspects of the migration, providing you with status updates and technical metrics as we go.

Ongoing Support

Neteam’s Help Desk provides your organization with unlimited support to accomplish a successful operational handover.

Whether your Cloud aspirations are a full migration to G Suite or Office 365, Offsite Backups, or improved resource sharing, Neteam will help you make the transition to the Cloud.  If your business is in the Tri-state area, the five boroughs of New York City (Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island), Long Island, New Jersey or Connecticut, Neteam is your go-to firm for Cloud Services.

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