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Trixbox - Open Source IP PBX System

Trixbox - The Opne Platform Business Telephony

Tribox is an IP-based PBX environment borne from the open software community. Tribox owes its origins to Asterisk, an open source project began in 2004 and subsequently renamed Tribox in 2006. Tribox is available as both a free version and a hybrid-hosted commercial edition by vendor Fonality for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Hybrid-hosting provides a site the rock-solid reliability of a premise-based VoIP installation, and the unsurpassed flexibility provided by a virtualized cloud. This innovative patent-pending infrastructure will provide organizations tangible benefits regarding total cost of ownership and return on investment. Tribox remains the only hybrid-hosted PBX on the market today.

Testament to Tribox's industry status are numerous recognitions, including 2006 Product of the Year by Communications Solutions, 2005 Product of the Year and 2006 Editor's Choice from Internet Telephony Magazine, and 2005 Editor's Choice and Best IP-PBX for SMBs from Network Computing.

Tribox Pro, the commercial edition designed for businesses and call centers, is based on an enhanced LAAMP (Linux, Apache, Asterisk, mySQL, PHP) stack. It is compromised of the following technical components:

  • CentOS 5.3;
  • Asterisk 1.6;
  • DAHDI;
  • MySQL;
  • Apache;
  • PHP;
  • PBXconfig 5.5;
  • VoIP Setup Wizards;
  • Admin status screen;
  • Network configuration tool; and
  • Telephone provisioning for Linksys, Polycom, Snom, Grandstream, Cisco, and Aastra.

Collectively they comprise a full-blown, secure communications platform that provides the following strategic benefits:

Cost-effective and versatile. Trixbox Pro provides an outstanding value proposition in terms of features, functionality, and pricing. All Trixbox Pro editions are available at a low monthly cost or an affordable lifetime fee

Easy to deploy use, and manage. Trixbox Pro is centrally managed from the Tribox dashboard, which employs a web-based interface to set up, manage, maintain, and support the environment. The clean design of the system accommodates enhanced feature access from remote locations, and user control panels are configurable for specific permissions and administration rights.

Market tested. Tribox is currently installed in more than one hundred thousand commercial sites.

Enterprise-class telephony performance. Trixbox Pro supports such high-end PBX functionality as auto-attendant, Outlook integration, voicemail-to-email, conference bridges, CRM integration, detailed reporting, HUD, call center"specific features, and much more. The user interface can even be modified to reflect your company's branding.

Sophisticated management facilities. Each Trixbox Pro edition comes standard with HUD, a presence management tool that provides real-time management integration across the entire system, and allows your employees to perform such tasks as permits your employees to performs such tasks as private enterprise chat, click to call, click to email, and drag and drop call transfer.

Branch office and unified management. Tribox Pro allows administrators to manage all linked locations from a single screen.

Scalable to grow with your communications needs. Tribox Pro can be configured to support businesses from two to 500 employees, across multiple national and international geographic locations.

Proactive system monitoring. Tribox Pro supports myriad types of real-time system notifications, graphical reports, system performance benchmarking, and hardware profiles.

Neteam is a strong advocate of Tribox, and its remarkable design. We have engineers with years of experience implementing this remarkable platform, and understand the particular nuances involved in a Tribox installation. Neteam's reservoir of knowledge and experience with Tribox will make your transition to this extraordinary communications platform a seamless endeavor.

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