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Voice Communications

Avaya's Neteam's Hosted PBX program provides your company with a full-fledged VoIP telecommunications environment hosted from our location. As any small business is aware, phone service systems and call centers are often very expensive to implement on their. The maintenance and features of most telephone services is time consuming for any level of business. If your company intends on using VoIP in your business, then virtual PBX and Hosted PBX systems are the perfect solutions.

The advantages of a hosted PBX subscription with Neteam are persuasive:

  • Hosted PBX phone service offers all the performance and cost-savings associated with a VoIP installation without the large initial investment.
  • All equipment resides with at a remote site managed by Neteam network engineers. It is our responsibility to manage, maintain, upgrade, and resolve issues for your communications platform.
  • Hosted services enable you to take advantage of redundancy, backup, and disaster recovery facilities that would be prohibitively expensive to maintain on-site.
  • Purchase or lease phones, lines, and capabilities only as needed.
  • Neteam personnel provide all service for the system, eliminating the need for a telecom support staff at your site.
  • Our company has been engaged in managed services for more than a decade, and guarantees high availability status for your system (99.9 percent uptime).

The logistical benefits of a hosted solution are indisputable. This also extends to expert selection of components for of the implementation, assuring the flexibility and scalability of the system, and the ongoing back-end maintenance that is entirely transparent to your organization.

Your specific call center can support exactly the capacity and features your site needs, both current and anticipated. Neteam will actively engage you in an assessment to help determine the current requirements and future scalability issues. Every environment we host supports

  • Multiple locations across a single phone system (even in different area codes);
  • Seamless system access for remote workers;
  • Find-me,-follow-me call routing;
  • High availability status, meaning no down time in the event of a disaster event;
  • Reduced monthly recurring expenses;
  • 24/7 internet connectivity guaranteed;
  • Elimination of long distance charges when calling between locations; and
  • Reliable call transfer between disparate locations.

Besides determining the appropriate features set for your company, Neteam will assist in selecting and implementing the right system configuration to ensure that your call center is at once the most capable and cost-effective it can be. Hardware and technical selection extends to:

  • Routers;
  • Switches;
  • IP phones
  • Local and long distance plans;
  • Toll-free numbers;
  • Firewall selection and installation;
  • Internet access;
  • Private network support; and
  • Connectivity options between multiple locations.

Neteam offers several hosted PBX options, each of which are comprised of newest generation equipment from all major vendors. A hosted PBX subscription will provide your organization the flexibility, reliability, and scalability it requires for meeting its communications requirements, without exception.

Contact a Neteam representative to discuss the subscription options available, and determine which is right for your company.

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