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Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Access control systems are facilities that allow you to restrict and authenticate who has physical access to resources on your site. ACSs encompass a wide range of technologies and mechanisms including magnetic stripe, keypad, and proximity readers, key access, biometric verification, and hosts of others. In any case, an access control system is a security imperative for any organization or site that engages with sensitive or classified operations and must necessarily maintain formal security practices as a part of doing business.

The general purpose of an ACS is to ensure adherence to the following security best practices:

  • A means by which to verify identification, grant authorization, and perform authentication.
  • Presumption of least privilege: If an authorization has not been configured for a specific user or group, default no access is provided.
  • Need to know access restriction : Users are provided access only to those resources or information they require to perform their designated tasks.

In short, access control gives your organization the security gateways by which to protect the business against potential damages and to protect your employees from harm.

Neteam has been providing tri-state region organizations with effective and reliable access control for several years. As with all of our networking and security products, each solution is defined and implemented according to the specific requirements and mandates of a client's site. We can coordinate an on-site security evaluation to help you determine which type of physical security provisions most appropriate for your site.

In our experience, an effective enterprise access control installation must meet the following criteria:

  • Centralized administration;
  • Support for on- and off-site management;
  • Access denial to anyone without appropriate credentials;
  • Replaceable and revocable access media;
  • Non-dependency on personnel availability;
  • Definable, tiered access privileges;
  • Configurable for specific time periods; and
  • Support for audit trails, reports, and system logs.

Among the most cost-effective and innovative ACS providers is Keri Systems. Neteam is an authorized reseller for Keri products, including its flagship Doors NXT platform. The latest edition of this Windows online platform supports the following capabilities

  • Customizable operator layouts;
  • Integrated digital video viewing and recording;
  • Alarm monitoring, prioritization, and acknowledgement;
  • Email and SMS event notifications;
  • Trace capabilities;
  • Optional photo badging;
  • Support for multiple, concurrent operators;
  • Backend comprised of an optimized Microsoft SQL Server DBMS;
  • One-button configuration of hardware;
  • A cardholder import utility for seamless data import from other databases; and
  • Support for numerous types of reports.

Doors NXT is a powerful turnkey solution that provides the sophisticated features set, design integrity, and speedy, reliable performance that characterizes Keri's products. Each installation is custom configured and installed to your requirements and specifications. Doors NXT also is easily scalable to grow with changes in your organization.

Neteam has numerous other access control solutions available that employ widely different security models. Each solution is produced by industry-established vendors with wide-standing security credibility and credentials. Each installation we perform is accompanied by a service contract that guarantees our commitment to the performance and reliability of your system. Find out more details by contracting a Neteam representative.