Information Technology Solutions - Web Content Filtering

Web Content Filtering

For security mandates, for organizational protocol, for maintenance of a professional environment, web content filtering is a solution that should be scrutinized by every type of business.

Content filtering is achieved by applying rules from a central administrative console for the enterprise. Rules can be applied globally or by individual workstation. Depending on the type of solution used, it may deploy software on the workstations, or on pivot points on the network like its gateways or proxy server.

An effective web filtering resource can articulate and apply content rules for all types of online content, including:

  • Attachments
  • Bayesian (a statistical filter that estimates probabilities)
  • DNS-based filtering
  • Char-set
  • Content encoding
  • Heuristic (using multiple criteria for ongoing discovery, learning and application of filters)
  • HTML anomalies
  • Language
  • Mail headers
  • Mailing lists
  • Phrases in online content
  • Proximity of detected filtered words
  • Rules defined in regular expressions
  • URL filters

Neteam is a strong advocate of web filtering, and has implemented solutions for both small and large organizations that address their specific and customized filtering requirements. Among the most popular web content filtering solutions we have deployed are WebSense, Barracuda, and Fortinet. Each solution has distinctive characteristics that make one more appropriate than the other for certain implementations.


WebSense, an acknowledged leader in the secure web gateway sector, provides the company provides software-based, appliance-based, and cloud-based email security, as well as data loss-prevention mechanisms. Its large suite of products support

  • Real-time updates
  • SSL visibility
  • Application-level control
  • Integrated antivirus
  • Web filtering
  • Reputation analytics
  • Enterprise-class DLP
  • Individual content analyses
  • Real-time content classifications
  • Real-time security scanning
  • Composite risk scoring analytics
  • Selective content filtering from specific web site
  • A unified architecture for all types of web, email, and online data security.


Fortinet is a preeminent provider of security applicances that address all areas of network filtering. Their exhaustive line of products, which are aimed primarily at large enterprises, include

  • FortiGate, a unified multi-threat security appliance.
  • FortiMail, an email-specific appliance.
  • FortiWeb, an application firewall.
  • FortiDB, a database-specific security mechanism.
  • FortiClient, a network endpoint security solution.
  • FortiWifi, a wireless security appliance.
  • FortiAP, a thin wireless access point.
  • FortiAnalyzer, a centralized report generator.
  • FortiManager, a centralized management console.
  • FortiScan, a vulnerability management tool.
  • FortiPlanner, a wireless access point planning applicaition.
  • FortiToken, a two-factor authentication resource.

Barracuda Networks

Barracuda's Web Filter appliance is notable for its ease of use and simplicity, and is an excellent choice for smaller organizations. It provides effective content filters using domain, URL, pattern or content categories, blocks designated applications from accessing the internet, includes an effective spyware and malware detection algorithm, and employs safe search engines to identify and restrict images returned in a search.