Information Technology Solutions - Desktop and Server Anti-virus

Desktop and Server Anti-virus

No effective network security strategy can be implemented without an encompassing anti-virus solution. The following statistics underscore this indisputable fact:

Desktop and Server Anti-virus
  • As much as 60% of corporate data resides unprotected on PC desktops and laptops.
  • Networked PCs are currently infected by viruses at a rate of more than 10% each month.
  • Corporations were hit with a monthly average of 113 virus infections for every 1000 PCs they owned in 2008.
  • The most common effect of a virus infection, reported by 70 percent of respondents, was rendering a PC unavailable to the user, the study found. Sixty-nine percent of respondents said that viruses had cost productivity, while 37 percent reported loss of data due to viruses.

Virus protection clearly is not automatically achieved by simply installing an enterprise anti-virus application. By not accounting for all areas of potential intrusion weakness in an infrastructure, the effectiveness of the anti-virus will be quickly diminished or negated altogether. A single virus can spread very quickly and impact critical data over the entire network, and once release is very difficult to quickly remedy. The dynamics involved in truly effective endpoint security and data protection, then, are as multi-layers and intricate as the network itself.

Anti-Virus Requirements

What are the specific requirements an anti-virus solution must meet to safeguard your network? Here is a listing of the most critical ones.

  • Always-on antivirus protection and on-demand scanning
    Every file that is launched or modified is scanned, with any suspicious objects treated, deleted or quarantined.
  • Proactive protection from malware
    Anti-malware protection that rapidly identifies malicious programs.
  • Critical area scanning
    Support for running scans against areas of the operating system vulnerable to infections, as well as autorun files and RAM.
  • Flexible scan settings
    To permit easy configuration and protection depth to allow customization to the requirements of the site.
  • Terminal server protection
    To provide protection to users employing Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix XenApp servers.
  • Cluster support
    To protect against intrusions on both local disks and a cluster’s shared disks.
  • Centralized management
    Single-console management facilities allow seamless administration of all network platforms -- Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX and virtualized.
  • Reporting
    The ability to generate and access reports on all security parameters being applied scan results, virus and malware definitions, and other related auditing functions.
  • Application control
    An ability to restrict use of unauthorized applications across the network.
  • Device control
    Support for policies that managed access to removable storage devices.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
    Monitors sensitive data transfers and defines their destinations.
  • Network Access Control (NAC)
    Enforces in-place network security policies to managed and guest computers.
  • Antispyware
    Protects your online privacy and identity.
  • Removable Media Control
    Prevents malware infection from USB flash drives, CDs and DVDs, and enables blocking by device ID.
  • Anti-rootkit
    Detects and removes malware that hides from the operating system.

Clearly, an informed and nuanced understanding of each of these areas of protection and management is required.

Neteam's security team performs a rigorous analysis prior to deploying an enterprise anti-virus solution. The assessment encompasses the security context for the existing network configuration; the available options for the selected anti-virus technology; and an evaluation of the tools or processes related to administering, maintaining the deployment.

Neteam is a certified reseller for ESET's NOD32 anti-virus solution, which is acknowledged by the industry for its tight endpoint security, exhaustive virus definition database, centralized automatic updates, and its elegant central management facility. In our experience, it is a superior solution for most security-conscious enterprises. Contact a Neteam representative today to find out more about NOD32 and other anti-virus solutions we can provide.