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Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services

In today's IT landscape, the new watchword is self empowerment. IT managers must necessarily ask how they can achieve cost-containment, extended efficiencies, and resource utilization in an volatile economic climate. In such an uncertain environment, an agile and scalable infrastructure solution is essential for maintaining a competitive position in virtually any industry. These attributes certainly apply to the office application suite a company uses as well.

Cloud computing is a powerful and broadly configurable computing model that is characterized by a substantial reduction in operating costs, high-availability access to critical network data and resources, and a transparent user experience. Its software as a service (SaaS) paradigm yields such quantifiable benefits as:

  • Reduced Costs
    Cloud technology is paid incrementally, thereby saving organizations money in both the long- and short-term.
  • Increased Storage Capacity
    Because of distributed storage employed by cloud systems, organizations have a larger data storage capacity than would using a locally resident data center.
  • Automated Maintenance
    Software updates are performed automatically.
  • Enhanced Flexibility
    Cloud computing provides much more flexibility than competing computing models.
  • Data Access from Anywhere
    Employees can access information wherever they are.
  • Standards Compliance
    Depending on your organization's specific requirements, Neteam can ensure that your cloud infrastructure is maintained in accordance with standards-based security mandates like PCI DSS.

A cloud-based platform adjusts dynamically for the resources required for a given application. This resources-on-demand paradigm (known as elasticity) effectively removes all day-to-day maintenance costs associated with a physical IT infrastructure while retaining all of its functional and technical capabilities. Moving to a cloud, in short, can be nothing short of a windfall for a company's IT operations overhead.

The immediate benefits of migrating to a cloud platform are seductive, but there are caveats as well. Cloud migration is not a haphazard process. It must account for issues like organizational capacity and growth requirements, implementing an appropriate security, determining application, server, and process interdependencies, and score of other nuanced implementation issues that can likely decide whether the migration is a success.

Therein lay the argument for choosing the right implementation team for your cloud migration. Neteam's team of certified engineers have deployed literally hundreds of environments to the cloud, and in such time have encountered all the issues that can degrade the performance, safety, and reliability of such an installation. To achieve an optimized migration, our team will perform the following logistical and technical procedures:

  1. Testing and evaluation, which entails setting up a test cloud environment to allow your staff to evaluate it and build the business case. We can also configure it for network access via either an internet or VPN connection.
  2. Due Diligence & Strategy accounts for your current and future business needs, the unique functionality your environment requires, and baseline performance objectives that are needed to effectively satisfy your business and technical objectives. At the conclusion of this phase, our engineers will provide you a detailed roadmap for achieving your cloud migration.
  3. Managing the Transition provides your organization the support it needs to accomplish a successful operational handover. Our support team will be there when you need them, and provide you with performance and technical metrics to measure the success of the deployment.

This customized approach to cloud migration delivers the most seamless and reliable transition to the cloud paradigm, and guarantees that its suitability to task will be most appropriate for your IT landscape.

In order to fully exploit the unsurpassed flexibility of a cloud infrastructure, a suitable office suite needs to be deployed as well. Neteam highly recommends using Google Apps for Business, a mature, highly collaborative environment that supports the powerful dynamic capabilities of the cloud.

Lower Infrastructure Costs — All email is stored securely on Google's servers, eliminating the need for dedicated email servers.

Lower Support Costs — Similarly, since Google hosts email and calendar services, no client software is required on local workstations.

Highly Scalable Environment — With Google Apps, email capacity easily scales as your requirements grow.

Access To Services From Anywhere, Anytime — Google Apps for Business accommodates access to email, contacts, and calendars from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection, from any location.

More Collaboration Features — Google's architecture facilitates wide-ranging collaboration with colleagues, customers, and partners.

Instant Messaging — Google Apps includes Google Talk, which is an elegant means by which to implement an instant messaging service throughout your organization.

Neteam can provide you with case studies and implementation details about why Google Apps for Business is so well regarded for a cloud deployment. Our experience strongly suggests that a cloud migration, in tandem with a Google Apps deployment for your business, will provide the most adaptable, scalable, and secure virtual environment available today.