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Neteam Solutions specializes in supporting the IT needs of the Real Estate industry in the New York City metro area. Real Estate is king in NYC and the competition is fierce. Having the right IT solutions in place can make the difference that closes the deal. A partnership with the right Information Technology solution provider is a key decision for any agency.

Whether you’re looking for a property management software solution, or to integrate Access Control and Security into your properties, Neteam Solutions has the answers and will support you in running these tasks efficiently.

When buying and selling real estate information pays. Neteam Solutions will keep you mobile sales agents connected, and assist your management team in setting up a solution to keep track listings, buyers, and sellers.

Neteam Solutions offers Managed Service Contracts to Real Estate businesses in the following Areas: NYC, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Long Island, Nassau County, Downtown Manhattan, Uptown Manhattan, East Side and West Side Manhattan, and all metro areas of the New York City area.

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