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Remote Backups

Remote Backups

Your company's data is the lifeblood of your business. Maintaining the veracity of your data, it follows, must be acknowledged as an imperative for keeping your business and enterprise online. To that end, Neteam offers an inexpensive, automated remote backup solution that allows your company to perform full and incremental backups, and, in the event of a system failure, easily and rapidly accomplish a full system restore.

Your data is backed up and maintained on your remote servers, at a location you designate. Data is maintained in 256-bit encrypted form to assure its secure transfer, is available for restore 24/7, and is initiated seamlessly from your site. Our technicians will configure your backup server with the necessary components to achieve high-availability status and ensure maximum disaster-recovery capabilities. Using this backup model also never requires your transferring the data to a third-party, an issue for some organization's security compliance policies.

Our offsite backup offers the following tangible benefits:

  • Your company data is protected and retrievable in case of catastrophic event;
  • Backup operations are automated and transparently performed;
  • Support for cross-platform operations, meaning that backups and restores can be performed from disparate (Windows, Mac, Linux) platforms;
  • SSL connections and industry-standard encryption guarantees the integrity of the backup.

Neteam's solution is notably easy to implement, inexpensive, and yet rigorously reliable. Our solution will provide a much safer and automated alternative to such unwieldy mechanical backup methods like tape backups or tape-vaulting procedures.

Alternatively, Neteam can implement a cloud-based backup solution for your company. We have ongoing relationships with Mozy and Carbonite, two of the leading cloud-based backup and restore services, and each offer ISO-certified security management status, military-grade encryption, access from mobile devices, and very quick implementation. Both subscription-based services are also attractively priced. Choosing a cloud-based solution, however, should be considered only for low-volume backup requirements.

Your choice for a backup solution should factor in such variables as the size of your enterprise, the amount of data that requires frequent backup, the scalability of the solution, its reliability and suitability to task, and its upfront and ongoing capital costs.