Hosted and Cloud Services - Inbound and Outbound Spam Filtering

Inbound & Outbound Spam Protection

Inbound and Outbound Spam Protection

Eighty percent of all emails circulating the internet have been classified as spam. Spam, quite literally, is a two-way street, and companies do not acknowledge and addresses both inbound and outbound spam will suffer the consequences.

Many solutions exist for inbound spam that safeguards a mail server from direct threats, and eliminates junk mail at the gateway of your server. This is only half of the spam scenario, however. Outbound spam, those email messages that emanate from within your network after being compromised, are a potential catastrophe for an organization in terms of customer loss, damage to your organization's reputation, operational costs, and potential lawsuits. Moreover, most ISPs simply do not employ effective outbound spam protection mechanisms, leaving that entirely up to an organization.

Neteam offers a fully hosted managed service solution that completely removes this security and business operations onus from your company's responsibilities. Our inbound/outbound managed service resides in a secure cloud infrastructure and employs leading edge spam management solutions. The spam monitoring, detection, and management is entirely transparent to your company and its users. Equally transparent will be the presence of spam on your network.

What are the benefits of our Spam managed service?

  • Most significantly, it secures your company's reputation. If your network is the source point of detected spam generation it can likely lead to it being blacklisted by your ISP, a communications and logistical nightmare for any organization.
  • A durable and accurate spam-blocking solution saves your company money by minimizing costs associated with resolving blocked IP addresses and support staff and customer management expenses.
  • It provides definitive, near-zero false positives for both ingoing and outgoing spam, thereby maintaining the integrity of your network security, eliminating unnecessary disruptions, and improving overall business services.
  • It identifies and resists all types of intrusive spam generation, including zombie computers, compromised accounts, spammer accounts, and webmail spammers.