Hosted and Cloud Services - Offsite Data Center Disaster Recovery

Offsite Data Center Disaster Recovery

Offsite Data Center Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery and business continuity are policies that must be taken very seriously.

Data center best practices suggest that any organization that relies on data to generate revenue must have an offsite data center recovery strategy in place. The consequences of not doing so can be catastrophic; the loss of irreplaceable data in the event of a disaster can cripple or destroy a business overnight.

Neteam, a leading offiste hosting provider in the tri-state area, can provide your organization a high-availability, utterly secure remote disaster recovery solution that assures all business-critical data is replicated and immediately accessible. High availability is also guaranteed: our offsite facilities guarantee 99.9% availability and uptime. All data, system information and applications are available 24/7 from your main site through a secure Citrix VPN connection.

Neteam DR Advantages

Neteam's offsite infrastructure features

  • Automated monitoring of power and environmental factors, and fire detection;
  • Individual locked Cabinet, Cages or Custom Suites; and
  • Twenty-four hour on-site administration by our data center team.

Moreover, our veteran data center professionals will

  • Perform an appropriate risk analysis regarding your organization's disaster recovery requirements and security;
  • Diligently assess the specific potential IT risks facing your company;
  • Endeavor to identify and prioritize critical processes that could effect business continuity; and
  • Implement a detailed disaster recovery plan that addresses all potential scenarios and recovery logistics.

Neteam's Facilities

Our hosted servers meet stringent performance and security provisions. Each is configured for failover and redundancy, is protected by enterprise-class firewalls, and employs redundant bandwidth for reliable data transfers. The Neteam site also features:

  • Point-to-point data transfers between sites through a high-speed WAN. All data is automatically mirrored to the DR site.
  • Load balancing between sites to assure best data transfers and performance;
  • Redundant power supply using backup generators with full power for up to seven days;
  • Redundant electrical systems, power train, commercial power feeds, cooling systems, UPS systems, and dedicated A/C units;
  • Environment and climate controlled facilities; and
  • Best-of-breed networking components, routers, switches, servers, and facilities infrastructure.

Neteam's offsite DR solution provides the performance, reliability, security, and technical fortification necessary for maintaining 24/7 business continuity, regardless of the size of your data center. If your company's most valuable asset is your data, we can uncategorically provide you the peace of mind that it will be accessible in an emergency scenario.

If you would like further details about proceeding with a managed DR implementation, contact a Neteam representative today.